‘Berliner’ pitch

A leading regional newspaper asked García Media how we would rethink its print edition for the modern media enivronment. Project architect Mario García and I recommended that we transform this classic broadsheet into a Berliner, a medium-size format that combines the verticality of a broadsheet with the portability of a tabloid.

Converting a traditional broadsheet into a dynamic ‘Berliner’

I created prototypes based on Mario’s sketches of a front page that functions as a table of contents for the day’s stories. The prototype has a visual and energetic look and feel, but its subdued color palette and use of text for the lead story maintained its gravitas.

The potential client responded positively to the prototype’s flexible structure, which would provide editors and designers a range of new storytelling possibilities. Unfortunately, the client ultimately went another direction.

(The name of the newspaper and other identifying titles have been intentionally changed in the pages below.)

Berliner front page
Berliner front page