Visual identities

A selection of visual identities I have developed.

García Media

With input from my colleagues, I created the new visual identity for García Media. To reflect the diversity of nearly 700 projects, the identity system features multiple color palettes inspired by notable past projects. The type palette centers on Ideal Sans, a warm but robust sans, and complements it with the serif Mercury Display/Text and touches of the condensed Tungsten.

For more, see the full García Media website case study.

García Media logos
García Media business cards
Paris Match color palette
Romania Libera color palette
O Povo color palette

American City Business Journals’ 40 titles

Mario García and I worked with the national publisher American City Business Journals to develop an identity system for all of their 40 newspapers. Previously, each Business Journal had a unique logo without any connection to the others. Over the course of the project, we created a logo system that could be applied to all 40 titles. We used white “pinstripes” that were memorable enough to become a metonym for the entire initiative, now commonly referred to as “Project Pinstripe” throughout ACBJ.

We designed this identity system to be flexible, with easy application to digital products. ACBJ’s web design team was able to incorporate the logo system into the header across the websites and apps.

For more, see the full ACBJ case study.

Silicon Valley Business Journal logos
SVBJ front page
SVBJ website

The Pinstripe logo now appears almost everywhere—from coffee cups to building signs to the paws of the Milwaukee Bucks’ mascot.

ACBJ coffee cup
ACBJ sign
ACBJ with Bango

The Philadelphia Inquirer / Philadelphia Daily News /

The Philadelphia Inquirer / Philadelphia Daily News / logo concepts

Harry Enten’s Weather Blitz

Weather Blitz logo

The Future Project

The Future Project logo concepts